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Student Projects

Information Assurance Students are a critical asset to this program from incoming fresh-persons to those who transfer from community colleges. A major part of any college experience is adding to the common body of knowledge through papers and research projects. Critical to the expansion of Information Assurance and the protection of our critical infrastructure students are engaged in various research projects and papers. Listed below are samples of these endeavors.

Undergraduate Research Papers

Belinda Marie Deci - Towards Using a Trusted Computing Base for Security in Virtual Machines
Danielle Gomez - Cyberbullying and Electronic Stalking
William Jamieson - Destruction of Steganography
Carlos Torregrosa - DoS Attacks
Henry Nguyen - Technology Advances Piracy: Piracy Changes Society
Jason Young - Installing a Snort Server on the IA Network
Naja Davis - Live Memory Acquisition for Windows Operating Systems
Alex Gatti - Physical Security Policy
Bodong Xu - Proposed Scenario-Driven Flexible Role-Based Access Control Model
Robert R. James - The Development of an Offensive Software DNA Bot Network
Henry Nguyen - Trust in Security Architectures for MMOG and DRM
Karl Schuttler - Research in Honeypot Technologies Research Proposal
Tracy Lafeir - The Untraceable Criminal
Daniel P. Bougère, Jr. - Remote Fingerprinting of a Cisco 1841 Router Using Three Popular Scanning Tools

Graduate Research Papers

Boyd White - Defining and Categorizing Red Team
Kevin Daimi, Katherine Snyder, and Robert James - Requirements Engineering for E-Voting Systems
IA 522 Site Security Analysis
Kien Hunter - Methods to Hacking and Cyber Invasion
Arshad Hussain - Botnet Tracking and Intrusion Detection
Jennifer Wallis - The Electronic Paper Trail

PHD Research Papers

Robert James - Data Mining Use Intrusion Detection
Larry Healy - Increasing the Likelihood of Admissible Electronic Evidence
Robert James - Internet Taxation
Larry Healy - Logistic Regression
Robert James - Open Source and Steganography
Larry Healy - Dissertation Research Proposal